Warning: The following contains actual crime scene and coroner's photographs.

Many of the photos are extremely graphic and may be considered by some to be disturbing or offensive.


I have come to believe that we should see these photos. Seeing the bodies makes the crime more real, rather than something of a campfire horror story.
It is easy in our own safe little worlds to see violent crime as something distant, something that happens to 'other' people.http://petshoppuppies.org/
We cannot, myself included, always wrap our minds around the gravity of these crimes. The fact of the matter is that murder does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone. These killers are hidden from us until they choose to make themselves visible. To paraphrase H. P. Lovecraft, evil dwells "not in the spaces we know, but between them.

They walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen. " I hope that when you view the photos below, you come away with a better sense of what actually occured. These are not nightly news sound bites over footage filmed half a world away. If fairy tales were once used to frighten and forewarn us, then these are the new fairy tales. This is the work of the witch fattening us for the kill, the troll waiting beneath the bridge. This is real. The witch won, the troll emerged. We must listen closely to the tales the bodies tell. "Mortui vivos docent - The dead teach the living. " Ted Bundy A cross-country serial killer, Bundy was executed in Florida in 1989. The back of Bundy's head following his execution by electrocution. Thanks Tony! Bundy's body following his execution by electrocution. John Wayne Gacy Chicago serial killer of 33 young men and boys.

Skull of a victim found in the crawlspace of Gacy's home. John List List shot his entire family in their home. He was captured in 1989 after nearly two decades on the loose. List died in prison in 2008. Ronald DeFeo DeFeo gunned down his entire family. The home in which the killing occured became famous as the 'Amityville Horror' house. Bodies of Ronald Defeo, Sr. and Louise DeFeo. Brian Deneke Murdered in Amarillo, TX during a fight. His killer was initially given probation.

IHOP Parking lot across the street from Deneke's murder site. Mall parking lot where Deneke was murdered. Richard Ramirez Richard Ramirez was referred to as the Night Stalker. He is currently on death row at California's San Quention prison. Jerome Brudos Brudos was a foot fetishist and serial killer. He died in 2006 of cancer.

Hillside Stranglers Cousins Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi were California serial killers. Buono died in prison. Bianchi is still incarcerated. Andrei Chikatilo Chikatilo was a Russian serial killer who murdered over fifty people.

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He has since been executed. Elizabeth Short Short's 1947 murder in Los Angeles, CA has never been solved.
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